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    Hey! The most recent post should be at the top of the blog on the Profile page....I don't post every day. If you want to see the whole blog go to the bottom of the Blog and click on Show all posts. I will send you a Friend request and you can see the whole profile page (there are a few things hidden from the general public). Just click accept when you get it (don't accept anyone unless you know them...there will be people wanting to pad their friend statistics!) All the people on my Friends list are fellow stitchers, and some I even have met in person!

    The StitchinKats Doings is a separate box, not part of the blog....that's where I put my Happy Dances before I started the blog, and I haven't really changed it, though I probably should.....I do a virtual Happy Dance (HD) anytime I finish stitching anything, but the oldest WiPs will usually get a *real* HD!

    Thanks for commenting!
    See ya soon!
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